TKU3-W pelet


Hot-water boiler for automatic pellet combustion 20-50 KW




  • Wood pellet burner BIOTERMEC is a unique product for optimum and complete combustion of wood pellets.
  • The product consists of two parts: a burner body (placed into the solid fuel boiler) and a screw-transporting system which connects the pellet stock with the burner body.
  • Burner function is fully automatic and it can be programmed seven days a week. Burner regulation procedure is based on two input parameters: water temperature inside the boiler and flue gas temperature.
  • Unlike other similar products available on the market, BIOTERMEC has two advantage features: 1) basic model can cover a wide power range from 10 to 50 KW. 2) it has an additional screw-transporter inside the burner body which mechanically feeds the pellets into the flame tube, where pellets are blown out in by the axial fan. The additional transporter is an essential safety feature which prevents pellets from eventual reverse flame from the boiler.
  • Combustion process can be divided into 5 phases: ignition, flame stabilization, main working cycle, modulation and turning off. When burner has reached desired temperature set by user, it will continue working in the modulation cycle – which means minimum power consumption.


  • Three-pass solid fuel boiler TKU3-W PELLET is fully compatible with BIOTERMEC burner for wood pellet combustion (efficiency level 87%) and it fulfills the requirements of the European norm EN 303/5, Class 3.
  • Boiler comes together with stock for pellets with capacity for round 150 kg of pellets, which can be freely positioned near the boiler.
  • Boiler is equipped with a thermometer, removable ash-tray and cleaning kit and also with a thermostat to prevent condensation (caused by low temperature of the return pipe).
  • Upper door of the boiler has a secondary air-inlet.
  • The burner warranty is 2 years, while the warranty against leakage is 5 years (if following the guidelines given in the operation manual).


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